A seismic land streamer is an array of geophones designed to be towed along with the ground. It is a receiver array specially designed for land seismic surveys. A land streamer is suitable for MASW, refraction, reflection, and surface-wave surveys which make the field survey easier and a higher productivity without compromising data quality.

Why it is called Land Streamer?

The concept of the land streamer is originally from marine streamers, as an array of hydrophones towed behind ships. Land geophysicists learned the concept of “ streamer” and applied it to inland seismic surveys and developed seismic land streamers. Land streamer surveys are excellent in many applications while making the survey economically feasible, low cost, and easy to move, deploy and collect.

4.5hz-geophoneWhat type of geophone is suitable for partnering with Land Streamer?

Any type of land-cased geophone can be worked with Land Streamers – vertical, horizontal, or three-component but the most widely used geophone type will be 4.5Hz vertical geophones or 14Hz vertical geophones. High-frequency geophones such as 40Hz, 60Hz, or 100Hz geophones could also be supplied as per the client’s application requests. Three-component geophones and shear wave geophones can also be worked with land streamers.


land-streamer-with-kooter-take-outUsually, a land streamer is an empty instrument equipped with base plates, tow webbing, loops, base plates, and anti-rotation wings. Geophone spread cable and geophones may be supplied with selected configurations to meet the client’s requests.


There are several companies that supply excellent land streamers, such as Geodevice, Geomatrix, and Geo stuff. Anyway, Seis Tech is specialized to supply geophones and geophone spread cables which will be work partnering with land streamers. Geophone intervals can be varied from 1m to 10m and the number of channels may be varied from 12 channels to 96 channels.


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