Geophone is a device used in surface seismic acquisition, both onshore and on the seabed offshore, that detects ground velocity produced by seismic waves and transforms the movement into electrical impulses. Geophones detect motion in only one direction. Conventional seismic surveys on land use one geophone per receiver location to detect motion in the vertical direction. Three mutually orthogonal geophones are typically used in combination to collect 3C seismic data. Hydrophones, unlike geophones, detect changes in pressure rather than motion.

The geophones currently available in the market are highly sophisticated, and they operate based on the magnetic field generated by a coil suspended in a magnetic field. The current seismic industry market requires tight specifications to meet the standards of the seismic survey. Seis Tech Inc. is one of the best suppliers of high-performance geophones, cables, seismic connectors, industrial sensors, earthquake seismometer, detectors, vibration detectors, border security products.


we have supplied geophysical, vibration and security products worldwide. Seis Tech is able to guarantee a very high level of satisfaction for our clients, with a long list of products and never-ending customer support. We offer the highest standard of services with the latest technology, equipment.


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