Self-adhesive insulating rubber tape is generally used together with cold patch glue and rubber powder, and is often used for insulation wrapping of cable connections and breaks in underground 36V and below. When using, clean the bandaged area, and then use self-adhesive insulating rubber tape to bandage the exposed or broken part of the wire. When bandaging, stretch the tape with appropriate force to make the tape self-adhesive better, and then use cold patch glue to evenly Apply it to the bandaged tape to make the tape melt into one, adjust the cold patch glue and rubber powder evenly, and finally wrap the mixture of the adjusted rubber powder and glue evenly on the outside of the line. Just wait for it to dry!
Insulating tape is only used to wrap ordinary low-voltage wiring, it is not waterproof, the glue is easy to dry, the viscosity is poor, and the insulation is poor!


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