What is the principle of capacitive switch?

Capacitive switch is an emerging product of technological development and progress. He generally refers to a wall switch designed using the principle of a touch sensor chip, which is a replacement product of the traditional mechanical push-button wall switch. The touch switch that can be more intelligent and more convenient has the incomparable advantages of traditional switches. It is a very popular decorative switch for household products. In the current market, touch switches are classified into resistive touch switches and capacitive touch switches according to the switching principle. According to the wiring method, they are divided into single-wire touch switches and two-wire touch switches (live and neutral). From a global perspective, most of them use single-fire-wire wiring rules. Therefore, single-fire-wire touch switches are the mainstream products in the current market. Because the two-wire touch switch needs to be re-wired during installation, or even drilled through the wall, there are few market applications and will be gradually eliminated by the market.

Touch wall switch is another successful application to replace machinery. The touch switch has no metal contacts, no discharge or ignition, a large amount of copper alloy materials are saved, and the requirements for the mechanical structure are greatly reduced. It directly replaces the traditional switch, making it comfortable, hand-feeling, precise control and no mechanical wear. At the same time, the touch switch is more humane care, you can choose the prompt on the switch yourself, the personalized label shows the effect of the LCD display, the crystal panel emits a faint shimmer, so that the night is no longer completely dark, enough to make people Form a sense of orientation and profile. Gree series touch switches are widely used in high-end hotels, luxury hotels, high-end communities, villas, families and other places, as well as in existing public buildings such as apartments and townhouses.

What is the principle of capacitive switch?


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