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——Wenzhou Jiade Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. made a wonderful appearance at the 57th National Pharmaceutical cartoner machine Exhibition

In recent years, with the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, the size of the pharmaceutical packaging market has continued to expand. According to statistics, the global pharmaceutical packaging market demand will increase at a level of 6% every year. From 2014 to 2018, China’s pharmaceutical packaging market is growing at an average rate of 10.6%, which also drives the development of China’s pharmaceutical packaging equipment.

From April 17th to April 19th, the 57th (Spring 2019) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition”) was successfully held at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the packaging equipment exhibition area Overcrowded, among them, the products of Wenzhou Jiade Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wenzhou Jiade”) have won the favor of many visitors.

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At this National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition, the products exhibited by Wenzhou Jiade include a fully automatic high-speed strapping production line, a high-speed full-servo aluminum-plastic blister cartoning production line, a three-dimensional pillowcase production line, a paste cartoning machine, and a vertical board cartoning The machine also has high-speed bottled and boxed products. It is reported that these products are based on the current packaging machinery industry gradually moving towards automation and intelligence. According to market demand, Wenzhou Jiade Cooperates with the trend of industrial automation and intelligence to continuously improve the level of equipment automation.

performance of the cartoner is degraded 2
performance of the cartoner is degraded 3

Among them, Wenzhou Jiade’s fully automatic high-speed strapping production line has won praises from domestic and overseas exhibitors with its good technology, excellent performance, and considerate service, and has joined many new customers.

According to the booth staff, Jiade Machinery’s fully automatic high-speed strapping production line is an organic whole that integrates feeding, boxing, and bundling of pharmaceuticals, food, medical equipment, health products, electronic components and similar materials. It has a compact structure and simple operation. , PLC touch screen control and other features. This machine can be used for packing aluminum-plastic board, ointment, pill tray, soft double aluminum, bag, etc.

“This production line can reach a packing speed of 450 boxes per minute. In the packing process, we use PE film as the packaging material, and the packing speed can reach 40 bundles per minute.” The staff said.

At the booth, some visitors stated, “Wenzhou Jiade’s fully automatic high-speed strapping production line has a beautiful design, smooth production lines, automated operations, and high production rates. Especially their detailed design is very satisfactory.”


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