Why are you need a wall mounted water purifier for your house?

Not all appliances are at risk, but all that run water are. Any appliance that pulls from tap water can be damaged by the mineral content of that water. Until water is run through a filter, at least one filter, scale will continue to build on all the water touches. These are the appliances most effected:

Water Heater
Washing Machine
Coffee Maker
It is time to have a comfortable and happy home life with water.

New Filtration Technology we mainly focus on household water purifier products design and manufacture, to provide our safety and energy saving solutions.

The main advantage of NFT softer filters are:

The core control valve with leading technology in the world

Salt and water saving, up-flow regeneration technology

Tool Free and humanistic design for installation

The main components is certified by American NSF, CE and RoHS of EU

Food-grade, high capacity

More than 90% of the components are self-researched and produced.


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