In household wiring, it is inevitable to connect wires or connect wires and electrical terminals. In order to restore the insulation performance of the joint, it is necessary to use insulating tape for wrapping, which is a very important link. However, some people are accustomed to dressing with ordinary tape instead of insulating tape, which is very dangerous.

Insulating tape is a kind of electrical tape with insulation function, which is suitable for the insulation restoration treatment of wire joints in low-voltage electrical circuits. Although the general medical tape has good viscosity, it has a low degree of insulation tape and is not resistant to higher voltages. Therefore, it is very prone to leakage accidents when using it to replace insulating tape to handle joints. We must not take it lightly.

Even if it is an insulating tape, you should check whether it has expired when you use it. Generally speaking, the storage time of insulating tape should not exceed 15 months, otherwise its insulation performance will be reduced, or even loss of insulation performance. It seems that insulating tape is not always insulating. In order to ensure safe use of electricity, insulating tape that has been stored for too long should not be reused.


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