Correct winding method of insulating tape

Adhesive tape is composed of base material and glue. If high temperature resistance is required, both base material and glue must withstand high temperature. In principle, it should be that the molecular structure of high temperature resistant materials is relatively stable when heated, so high temperature resistant.

This has nothing to do with the power, it was found to be broken when tested with a multimeter before the power was turned on. Resistance is not high temperature resistant. High temperature adhesive tape is corrosive and affects heat dissipation.

For general silica gel or modified silica gel, if the temperature requirement is not too high, you can also apply a thin spot with general glue.

Types of high temperature tape: high temperature PET tape, Teflon tape, high temperature masking tape, polyimide tape, high temperature resistant glass cloth tape and other high temperature resistant silicone tapes


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