Why is the Table Reverse Osmosis water dispenser on the stage more and more popular?

With the improvement of living standards,people have more and more stringent requirements for the quality of drinking water.With the development of economy,the integrated heating water purifier has gradually replaced the traditional single filter bottle filtration and water dispenser with only heating function.

Traditional filter bottles can only roughly filter out impurities such as stones,sand,pollutants and can’t filter out harmful substances,such as blood worms,bacterial,viruses etc.In the water,now such filtration methods are no longer seen in many areas;

The water dispenser only has a heating function,and can’t filter any impurities and harmful substance in the water.It can only kill a small part of bacterial and viruses through high temperature;when the water dispenser pours water,it will bring in a lot of bubbles,which will carry some bacterial into the bottled water.If the hot and cold water tanks in the bottled water dispenser are not washed for three months,bacteria,viruses,sedimentation residues,heavy metals,and even blood worms will multiply,which will seriously endanger people’s health.

The desktop integrated multifunctional heating and purifying water dispenser not only solves the problem of incomplete water filtration, but also solves the problem of water circulation heating.The ordinary above counter heating water dispenser has five levels of filtration:

Reverse Osmosis filter membrane:filter out scale and heavy metals,the filtration progress is 0.0001um;

PP cotton and actives carbon conform to the filter membrane:filter out the remaining sediment,rust,sand,red insects and other impurities in the water;remove the residual chlorine in the water,and absorb the different colors and odors;

Rear composite carbon rod:further enhance the taste.

Considering the problems of filtration grade and water quality,traditional filter bottles and drinking fountains are not enough to meet people’s needs,and reverse osmosis water purifiers are gradually replacing old–fashioned water purifiers.

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