Why do food packaging bags use aluminum foil bags? Food packaging bags are believed to be often seen in online shopping and supermarkets, and this type of packaging bag is also relatively common in the market. There are many types of food packaging bags, and different styles and materials are different. Food packaging bags Why do many food manufacturers choose aluminum foil bags? Of course, the manufacturing cost of aluminum foil bags is also much higher than that of ordinary plastic bags, and aluminum foil bags have many characteristics, so many food manufacturers use aluminum foil bags. What are the characteristics of food aluminum foil bags? Why choose aluminum foil bags? Let’s follow the aluminum foil bag manufacturer “Gozeniths” to find out.



Food aluminum foil is a flat metal aluminum tool that can be used in the kitchen to cook, hold food, or make some materials that can be easily cleaned.


Food aluminum foil bags on the market are generally heatable and storable. Most of the aluminum foil used in food processing is bright on one side and dull on the other. Food can be wrapped in aluminum foil on both sides. It is usually recommended to wrap it with a bright surface to improve the thermal conductivity.


Aluminum foil is used in food packaging bags because of its good barrier properties. The oxygen permeability of aluminum foil is extremely low, which can effectively block the gas in the air that easily deteriorates food, such as oxygen. And aluminum foil is opaque and has good shading properties, which can prevent some foods from discoloring or deteriorating due to light. The corrosion resistance of aluminum foil itself is extremely poor, and it is easily corroded by acidic or alkaline substances.



Food aluminum foil bags are not only made of aluminum foil, but also of composite materials. The composite is made of aluminum foil and nylon, some of which are made from four layers of co-extruded film. When packaging some food products, it is often multi-layer composite materials.


The reason for using multi-layer composite materials is to package food and maintain the quality of food. Another reason is that rich colors and patterns can be printed on food packaging bags, which is a way for food to be recognized by the market and a necessity for food promotion Way.


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