Silicone wiper blades are becoming more and more popular, mainly because of their durability advantages over rubber wiper blades.

The benefits of silicone wiper blades are as follows :

Durability: The main benefit of silicone wiper blades is that they can last anywhere from 2-3 times longer than rubber, especially in harsh operating environments.

Performance: Silicone polymers offer a performance advantage across a broader range of temperatures and conditions than conventional rubber wiper blades.

Protection: Silicone wipers leave a thin water-repellent coating as they work, which helps clear the windshield of water around town and at highway speeds.

How long can the silicone wiper blades last?

Standard rubber blades are generally used for six months to one year, especially in areas where the environment changes drastically every year, and wipers need to be replaced regularly. 

The topic brand has incorporated advanced technology into its rubber blades to extend the service life to one year or more.

On the other hand, silicone blades are more durable than most standard rubber blades.

As compared to rubber, silicone is more durable and resistant to high temperatures and moisture, so it can provide a longer service life for the wiper, thereby extending the service life by two times or more.

Generally, silicone wipers need to be replaced every year or every two years.

What Are the Different Types of Silicone Wiper Blades?

There are three main types of silicone wiper blades, similar to rubber blades.

These windshield wipers are classified according to design or frame construction, and you can quickly identify which type a wiper blade belongs to with a quick glance at the exterior aesthetics of the wiper.

Conventional Silicone Blades

If you’ve been driving for more than two decades, then the type of wiper blade you’ve been accustomed to is the conventional bracket-type wiper blade.

These wipers have steel frame construction with three or four-blade claws that provide the pressure points to tightly attach the blade to the windshield. Also called frame-type wipers, they are more efficient in handling mudded windscreens and are perfect for off-road vehicles regularly exposed to heavy dirt that turns to mud during rain.

Despite the old-fashioned style and design, conventional blades remain popular today and are commonly used by most automakers for their standard models.

Beam Silicone Wiper Blades

In contrast to the traditional bracket-type wipers, another type is the frameless beam blades made of rigid silicone rubber. Since they have no metal claws, beam blades are more flexible and easily adhere to the curvature of the windshield, thereby resulting in more efficient wipes.

Beam-type wipers started in the early 2000s and were first introduced in luxury cars. Since then, luxury brands and most automakers use beam blades for their high-end models due to more expensive costs.

Beam wipers are better at handling all weather conditions, even during snow time during winter.

Hybrid Silicone Wipers

Hybrid wipers combine the best of two worlds with metal brackets to provide sturdier support added with aerodynamic beam cover for an extra layer of protection during bad weather and from road contaminants during the daily drives.

They are generally more expensive compared to the other types. Just like beam blades, hybrid wipers are common in luxury cars and superior models.

Other Considerations

Driving Climate. Silicone can handle a lot more punishment than conventional rubber.

Consider the silicone advantage in extreme weather regions.

Frame Type. Most automobiles work best with the wiper frame they left the factory with. Exceptions to the stock rule are determined by universal connector design.

Hydrophobic Coating. Silicone wiper blades leave a coating similar to silicone windshield treatments. If you’re not a fan, then silicone wipers are not the best choice.

If your car is equipped with frame wipers when it leaves the factory and long-term durability is the primary consideration, please consider the Topex Silicone wiper blade.

Upgrading to silicone windshield wipers can be a considerable investment, so weigh the cost based on your location, driving style, and how long you want to keep current driving. For some people, silicone wiper blades are not worth buying; for others, they will be a key upgrade.

In any case, driving safety is the top priority.


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