wiper blades

Multifunctional wiper blade

TOPEX multifunctional soft flat wiper blades have the following characteristics :

There are many connectors ( adapters ) , and it can be adapted to more than 96% of the car models by just changing the adapter .

Product quality has passed ISO9001 , 2008 quality management system certification .

Using Malaysia’s high-quality natural rubber , it is resistant to aging and has a long life .

It fits perfectly with the windshield and is cleanly scraped , which effectively guarantees driving safety .

Universal wiper blade

The universal series wiper blades are designed reasonably .

After aerodynamic analysis , the unique arc can reduce the bottom wind resistance from the best angle , reduce or even completely prevent the water flow back during the operation of the wiper blades , and provide a perfect view .

In various rain and fog environments , the wiper still maintains a good wiping effect .

Soft flat wiper blades are easy to install , adapt to many models , provide a wide range of sizes , and also have the characteristics of other series of wiper blades .

OE/ Special car wiper blade

The special car wiper series products use PC , POM , PVC , and other synthetic materials . 

Made of a combination of stainless steel shrapnel and 100% natural rubber strips , the service life is three times that of ordinary wiper blade .

The product has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification.

It is portable and safe, long in service life , stable in scratching, and easy to install and uninstall .

Hybrid wiper blade

The special diversion structure design can provide proper pressure while minimizing wind resistance .

Intelligent automatic adjustment of the pressure elastic structure , evenly distributed to each part of the rubber , the scraping effect is unparalleled .

Wiper blade joints can be applied to more than 99% of cars .

Rear wiper blade

The rear wiper blade is made of a variety of composite materials through multiple processes according to the characteristics of the rear window of different models .

Long service life , quiet operation , clean scratch test , easy disassembly and assembly .

The flexibility and elasticity of the material can meticulously care for the glass , improve driving comfort and ensure driving safety.





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