WOW, it’s great to play football on the roof of the building!

Generally running can be on the road, ping-pong, basketball and other sports are often in venues, swimming can in the gym. But for those who love football, it is really difficult to find a venue to play. The emergence of the “roof football stadium” has solved this problem for football fans.

The roof football stadium, also known as the “air football stadium”, as the name suggests, is built on the building roof. Most of these pitches are five-a-side and seven-a-side. The pitch surface is installed by artificial grass. Its wire fence is erected two or three meters high. The top is also covered with a “sky net” to prevent the ball from flying off. The stadium is usually equipped with lighting, so that playing at night is also OK.
As we all know, the size of the football field is large, and the land in the city is very small. There is few football fields open to the public. Moreover, due to noise, lighting, etc., it is difficult for the community to accommodate the football field. Therefore, more and more city has witnessed a wave of construction of roof football pitch. In Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu and other cities, it started in the past few years to meet the public demand.
It is understood that many of the roof stadiums are popular nowadays. Football fans like to have a few friends after work, and go to the nearby roof pitch to play football. They spend a day in the office, exercise at night.
In order to have a place to play with friends, many roof stadiums are built by football fans themselves. The owners of the roof stadiums say that the choice of artificial turf is particularly important. It is necessary to choose artificial grass suitable for running and exercising to prevent falls when kicking the ball. At the same time, due to the frequent use and the open-air setting of the stadium, the requirements on wear-resistant performance and UV aging performance are also high. Therefore, they are more likely to choose artificial grass products from professional artificial grass manufacturers, such as from FIFA preferred producers. Such kind of artificial grass turf is also used by many top football clubs. The selection of such products is equivalent to using the same level of products as these football clubs. This is a professional guarantee for the stadium.


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